5 Tasmanians visit Montana for a month as part of a Professional Development Exchange.
As part of the Professional Development Exchange with Tasmania, five Tasmanians spent a month touring Montana and visiting with Rotary clubs to learn more about our state and their respective vocations. Visiting were
  • Ross Carlyle (Retired Businessman)
  • Allira Bartush (Policewoman)
  • Sarah Lillico (Pharmacist)
  • Simone Hackett (Fly Fishing guide)
  • Zac Morgan (Paramedic)
Tom Rupis hosted Allira while President Gregg Gluekert hosted Zac.  Gregg along with Sandy Wong from the Downtown Club scheduled a busy week of activities for our guests, and they had a great time.   During the meeting, each Tasmanian gave a brief overview of their background along with the experiences while here in Montana. 
Thanks to everyone who helped make this event a success, especially our own President Gluekert!